Impossibly Impossible!

Every single time I open User Preferences blender simply crashes!
It is incredibly annoying and I simply cannot find a reason or solution. There are many useful things to do with User Preferences, so I really want to have this fixed.
A separate box pops up, not one from Blender and gives me two choices:
“Look on internet for an answer”
“Stop the program”
Both eventually lead to nothing.
It says that it is some sort of APPCRASH and I downloaded both versions 32 & 64 and both do not work.
Somebody please help me!

Ray Green

PS: I might have already posted this (in another forum), not sure, but there was no solution, and it is really starting to tick me off. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, i know nothing about programming and such, so if someone does find an answer, please explain it noob style. Thankyou!

Have you tried changing your 3d view window to a user preferences window

Yes! Yaaaay! Thankyou finally!