Impostor Baker Add-on

With the Impostor Baker add-on, you can create game ready impostors for any object with one click.
You can use this open beta version for commercial projects.

Download the Open Beta here:

Download the Unreal Engine Material here:

Tell me what you think :smiley:


This looks great! I can really see a bunch of use-cases for this. Thanks for making this!


Unfortunately the drive link doesn’t work for me… no other link available please ? Thanks a lot because it seems promising…

I’ve uploaded it now also to OneDrive:!AoGfQicFL_CAeulR6GcDdngNdqM?e=tApjcq

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This looks AMAZING. However when I try to run it the resulting planes have no material associated with them. No errors show up either. Am I missing something basic?

Actually it does have an error dialog:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/-----/.config/blender/2.82/scripts/addons/ImposterBaker/", line 607, in execute
    recurLayerCollection(layer_collection, = True
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'exclude'

location: <unknown location>:-1

Can you upload your blend file or post a picture of the Outliner?

I’ll snag a pic of the Outliner when I get a chance but it was just a simple test with Suzanne the Monkey as in your video!

Just not doing it from scratch helps a lot!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing!
I already downloaded it and I will integrate it in my Pipeline!

@Komposthaufen I love this plugin and thank you for making it. I did have a quick question however. This plugin creates an isometric 360 of a model, but would it be possible to do a full 360 sprite sheet of the model? (all sides to 1 sheet similar to ue4 documentation)


Seems very interesting!!! Sadly for me the command “bake and create impostor” doesn’t pop up when I press F3. Maybe I have an incompatible version of blender (2.91).

Weird, I’m on 2.91 and it’s there


having same problem as above when installed cannot search the bake function.

Did you find a fix to this I’d really like to know why mine isnt working as well.

Looking forward to the material setup for Godot and Unity :slight_smile:
This add on is a long time coming ! You are the hero we need !

[Update, searched for it and typing Bake or imposter shows nothing up, so three people have mentioned nothing is found.]

The problem is that you are using the standard menu search, which only finds operators that are placed in a menu somewhere in blender. To be able to access all operators in this search, turn on “developer extras” in Preferences > Interface > Display > Developer extras.

If you don’t want to turn that on, you can access the operator in the “Imposter Baker” panel in the N-panel.

It looks like the developer has somewhat abandoned the project, however, as the UI for this panel is just one of the inbuilt templates, so most of the buttons there aren’t actually related to the addon.

@Reality_Checker @merch137 @Bracer

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thank you for posting the proper answer. Don’t see a way to mark as helpful.

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What a massive time saver! I will definitely work this when using custom trees.

Question: Do you plan to implement a top down card too? So we can fly over the trees and still look down?

I have seen some icosphere imposter systems also, have you had a look into that imposter technique?

Is this addon actually working for people? I get the error I mentioned a while ago above still constantly. Would really love to use this and wondering if I am missing something basic…

idk what i am doing rong
also i am going to sleep now gn