Impostor Baker Add-on

With the Impostor Baker add-on, you can create game ready impostors for any object with one click.
You can use this open beta version for commercial projects.

Download the Open Beta here:

Download the Unreal Engine Material here:

Tell me what you think :smiley:


This looks great! I can really see a bunch of use-cases for this. Thanks for making this!


Unfortunately the drive link doesn’t work for me… no other link available please ? Thanks a lot because it seems promising…

I’ve uploaded it now also to OneDrive:!AoGfQicFL_CAeulR6GcDdngNdqM?e=tApjcq

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This looks AMAZING. However when I try to run it the resulting planes have no material associated with them. No errors show up either. Am I missing something basic?

Actually it does have an error dialog:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/-----/.config/blender/2.82/scripts/addons/ImposterBaker/", line 607, in execute
    recurLayerCollection(layer_collection, = True
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'exclude'

location: <unknown location>:-1

Can you upload your blend file or post a picture of the Outliner?

I’ll snag a pic of the Outliner when I get a chance but it was just a simple test with Suzanne the Monkey as in your video!

Just not doing it from scratch helps a lot!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing!
I already downloaded it and I will integrate it in my Pipeline!

@Komposthaufen I love this plugin and thank you for making it. I did have a quick question however. This plugin creates an isometric 360 of a model, but would it be possible to do a full 360 sprite sheet of the model? (all sides to 1 sheet similar to ue4 documentation)


Seems very interesting!!! Sadly for me the command “bake and create impostor” doesn’t pop up when I press F3. Maybe I have an incompatible version of blender (2.91).

Weird, I’m on 2.91 and it’s there