improved chess set (ice tea, anyone?)

(Zsolt) #1

Here’s an improved version of my older glass chess set. Modeling in Blender, rendered in Cinema 4D. So what do you think? Any comments, suggestions?


(Nayman) #2


sorry, looks like a japanese fan

(gundamf91) #3

to me, the addition of ice tea does not fit well into the pic (not that its not realistic) should use old glasses instead of glasses that look so new…so that it gives an antique look, i think that would be better but just my 2 cents.

(overextrude) #4

Nice work. A few suggestions - the edges along the glass rim are way too sharp. I like the volumetric glass look you achieved along the sides of the glass (the refraction). I’d turn the glasses into a pair of older wire-framed spectacles, maybe with round lenses.

(blengine) #5

wow i love it! i thinks it a great addition to this beautiful realistic scene! the ice cubes are great looking… yeah the lemo looks fake, but eh, doesnt matter too much, i mean, its just a lemon =)… actually if u just subsurf and thin out the skin, i think it would look perfect
id like to see a lil chiseled design on that glass maybe?

beautiful scene and great detail, this is one fantastic scene…u used lightflow right?

(S68) #6

:o Wonderful,

I would give the glasses frame a golden hue and make the tea a little darker.

Glass rim is too sharp! you’ll cut drinking :wink:


should we search for the word ‘SEX’ or some subliminal images in the ice cubes :smiley: ?


(IamInnocent) #7

The critics you received are fair and already complete but I could not pass on telling you that this is already very good.

Keep on.

(Zsolt) #8

OK, I uploaded a newer version.
First thing I did was get rid of the lemon, I couldnát make it look any less fake, and it didn’t really need to be there. The top of the glass should be a bit smoother now, and the tea a tad bit darker. Plus there are some minor changes to the glasses (eg: it didn’t touch the floor in the previous picture).

I’ll look into what I can do with the glass: (antique glass? chiseled design?) do you guys have some specific ideas for this? Someone told me to change the glass to an eight-sided one, but that seems to be a bit too modern, what do you think?

Stefano: actually it was that post about hidden messages that made me do the ice cubes, I even thought of maybe hiding something there for fun :slight_smile: but it’s a lot harder than it sounds… anyway there’s nothing hidden in this pic.


(Zsolt) #9

ahem, couldnát = couldn’t

(reminds himself not to change keyboard layouts in the middle of writing a post :slight_smile:

(S68) #10


/me suddenly feel the urge to model a crystal glass accordingly to some original Baccarat designs…


P.S. Geocities down… will comment as soon as I can see the image

(Zsolt) #11

Hmm, damn maintenance!! I guess I uploded it at the worst possible time :slight_smile:

Well, anyways, you should be able to see the picture starting from Sunday morning.

The link again:

Heh, I rendered it today in 3200*2400 (for printing), fully raytraced… took some time… :slight_smile:


(stephen2002) #12

the only thing that sticks out to me is that the wood is WAY to shiny. It looks rough…yet polished. Either cut down the bump map or cut down the spec.

There is also nothing in the backgroud…it just fades to a dark grey. We can assume that the sky is also dark grey (since it looks like fog). In that case…it should not be so bright. Proper environment can always make your pictures more lively and belivable. Even if all you put there is a wall, it will be better than fadeing to oblivion…