Improved Solar System Animation

One of my first animations was a solar system and I had a lot of fun making it. I was recently asked to make a similar animation for someones educational project, so I said sure! The result is below, the project is finished but I still welcome any feedback. No attempt was made at realism for 2 reasons:

  1. The requester gave some precise guidelines and they were not realistic.
  2. I personally think that realism just does not work for space related animations.



Very cool!
check this out,

ever try and model a hurricane? I have been working on water/atmosphere etc in volumetrics lately, still need to keep working on it though

I have never tried to make a hurricane, but i think tom walks may have a tutorial on that. I suspect making a realistic moving hurricane and viewing it from orbit would be pretty spectacular =)

Thats pretty cool, I love the cut and reframe effect moving from body to body. Sort of like the Thunderbirds introduction.

nice, do you have a link for the planet textures?

just… the moon doesn’t rotate like that. sorry lame critique but couldn’t let it go!

The reason it rotates more in the middle is the animation is set to ramp instead of linear,

noticed that in the morning, I’ll probably do another Planet sim soon, my planet is made from a map of the moon, used as displacement with a negative value, and a positive value on the mid-level


i meant more the maps for mars and mercury, the only one i have found have locations and latitude lines on which makes them useless as actual planets!

Very nice, only one comment: I would definitely use a different font (as your current one does not match the feel of the holo like info screens). If you would use something more modern and slick (not too scifi, though) I think it would significantly up the experience again. Also, did you render it with motion blur? The rotation of the planets look a tiny bit “on top” of the background, such as in computer engine games. I do not know if using motion blur to some extend would get rid of that perception, but as your basics are all done, you could spend time to look at these details to move it up again. Hope this comment helps.