(IanC) #1

This is my site
I need to do some serious updating/improving! I am goin to put it on a proper server to speed it up but I was wondering if anyone has any comments on stuff to change etc.

Criticisms welcome!


(valarking) #2

It’s a good site. Very good.
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

(seval) #3

It’s good. I like the shading on the spider and the dog.

(IngieBee) #4

I really like using the side gallery like that, it’s great. Oh, I love tutorials… Lets see, anything to do with the game engine, I’d love to see. But if not, Um… Oh python tutorials, If not, … Umm… What ever your favorite thing to do in Blender as a tutorial would be great!!


(overextrude) #5

It’s clean, and it isn’t cluttered with a bunch of gratuitous visual bubblegum. You’ll be doing your users a favor by not forcing them to view it at a certain resolution, but despite the notice on the page, it does resize nicely. It is easy to navigate, and it places an appropriate level of de-emphasis on the structural components (the navigation, background, etc.), while allowing easy access to what matters - the content. The colors are great - black (12 pt?) text on a light background makes for easy reading. The only suggestion I might have (and this is more a matter of style), is to maybe consider putting the thumbnails on a page of their own, rather than in a persistent frame. If you do want to keep the images in a persistent frame, you might consider some padding so that the images won’t get cut off by the vertical scrollbar. Overall, it’s a nice site.

(IanC) #6

I am going to add loads more tutorials when I get time, but I am doin GCSE’s and my job (webdesigner). I am going to leave the gallery bit at the side (but make it a bit wider), once I get enough pics, I will make it a seperate page so that it doesnt take an age to find one.
Any more requests for tutorials?

Thanks again