Improving the detail of scenes

Hi everyone i’ve been using Blender for a few months now but have sort of hit a brick wall so to speak, with any scene i make i get the basics down but then my mind goes blank and i just cant make the scene stick out if you will with little details, so i really want to get your opinion on how i can improve my scenes!

Here is a scene i recently finished yet it still looks very bare bones.

Depends what you mean by “little details”, it always helps to have at least a rough idea of where you want to go with an image. Do you want to add extra objects? extrat details to the objects? Do you want to model them or represent them with textures? What is your “point” to the image? Where do you want the focal point to be?
When starting out or “noodling”, it is easy to do something without a clear idea of what you want to use it for, I’m very guilty of that myself, doing something just to expand my knowledge, so you’re not alone. :wink:
Is that a candle? if so, put it on a table, in the corner of a room, expand upon it. If it is outside, why is it? Is it insect repellent? If so, build a BBQ and put in in the background, have a dead fly near it. Or is it “mood lighting”? Think of a sunset in the background, a bit of decking/patio. Also, so close in, the bump map is to obvious and smooth, if your paving slab is so close, think about modelling the geometry instead. Just some ideas of the top of my head. :slight_smile:

Try joining the weekend challenge a few times

I really want to add more details into my models take for example an assault rifle theres so many little bits and pieces all over them and i just cant see seem to figure out how to make that happen with my mesh

If you are just getting started, I’d go for something more basic first, get to grips with how to add detail and poly flow before tackling something highly detailed. Check out some hard surface videos on youtube, but put simply, it’s normally a case of booleans, insets, extrude, loop cuts and bevels, you’d be surprised how far that takes you.
Check out the Hard-Ops addon videos, though it is using the addon, those steps can be accomplished “manually”, just takes a bit longer.

A little Gaussian noise ( very slight) can improve some renders
or destroy them

the pink pot could use just a little bit
and maybe a normal map for the ground to add some “depth” to it

Put in a few blades of grass somewhere in the mid-ground?

you need to add something interesting to it, something that attracts attention, a small insect, a toy, a fantasy creature, anything to add some story to it, right now it’s just boring (no offense :slight_smile: )

I have a tip for you : don’t use colored reflections, which means when you add the glossy shader, leave it white as it is, and make sure to plug in a “fresnel” or “layer weight” node as the mix factor if you haven’t, it’s the golden rule of making believable materials :wink:

what you need to do now is to practice and improve your skills at your own pace, be patient as it takes a lot of time to figure your own way. Watch tutorials to help you, start by the very basic ones (how to model bullets, a bottle…etc) until you feel comfortable enough with the tools, then I recommend watching more advanced tutorials. is a very good one, I recommend you to watch the following tutorials from there, preferably in this order I think :how to create CG bullet using blender , create a spaceship corridor, make a cave in blender, the secrets of realistic texturing, understanding composition, understanding colors, and the latest ones about PBR

also don’t rely too much on tutorials, learn also to be independant and don’t be afraid to try new stuff and show your works to others :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help everyone. its nice to finally find a website thats friendly especially after some bad experiences with stack exchange and their awful rules!