Improvised sketches (mechanical)

I make often make improvised stuff with Blender and they end up as simple one day projects that are a bit too small for publishing. So I decided to make a thread where I can post all of them without having to flood the entire finished projects forum. :stuck_out_tongue: Most of this stuff is mechanical modelling because I enjoy making it more than organical stuff.

An architectural piece I made yesterday:

And some industrial stuff I made earlier (improvised in one day too):

Comments are welcome. :slight_smile:

I like them the first one looks pretty low-poly like it could be used in a game. The second one need a bit more light.
This is what I made today. The inside is actually modelled too.

EDIT: I textured the building - check the last image! It came out quite realistic.

A quick last update before I go to the summer cottage (I’ll be there for a couple of days).
Added another building.
Some random stuff.

I dig the eyeballs. You need a railing on that balcony. That’s an accident waiting to happen…Just kidding. I often thing about that sort of crap when I make buildings…
Lets have a little town!

Something new…

I’m not so sure about the first two, but that last render looks (poly) intense, nice work.

Quoted for truth :slight_smile:

Those quaint building are really cool.