I"m working on a model IMR-2 . I plan to do modeling, texturing and rendering.
The model is still far from complete.
sorry for my English


Lots of nice details there - particularly in the front. That must have taken some time to get all the fittings and hydraulics modeled.

There, only the rollers and tracks are completely ready. All other parts are not completely ready, they need more detail. And it will take even more time than it has already taken. This is not a mention of texturing.

I keep adding a little bit of details


Nice work, are you gonna sculpt some damages?

Hey. Thanks.
At the moment, I plan to sculpt only large welded parts, mainly weld seams, and something I don’t want to reveal yet :wink:

A small update.
The hatch.


I am starting to add some interesting details. I think some of you will guess what it is.

quick material test

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Truly outstanding modelling!
i was in armour back in the day.big red one baby!Mechanized.
i was watching a documentary the other day on the soviet effort during ww2,and they used some cgi.
what was lacking was details like how bumpy the t-34 turret was,and how worn any armor is.
so yeah nice work!

Wow! Nice modelling! You should start making tutorials about it! Good work!

Rixtr, apfsbrt, Thanks. I really appreciate it.
Tutorial about? Maybe I can just describe what I did. There is nothing special here, standard modeling techniques, there are a lot of good lessons on YouTube. I made lead plates with the cloth simulation, turned off gravity, assigned a collision to the parts of the tank and assigned a Force with value of -1000. And the fabric just stuck to the tank.
If someone really wants a tutorial, ask about it, and indicate specifically what you want to see. I can record video without sound. But I’m not sure that I will show something new.

I just started sculpting characters, and it took me a lot of time, since I hadn’t sculpted for a very long time, and already forgot all the anatomy (I knew it very badly).
And I had to study again :slight_smile:
I tried sculpting in Blender. It is possible, but navigation with a graphic tablet in Blender is not as convenient as in ZBrush. Sculpting in Blender took more time, since I spent a lot of time pressing buttons during navigation, in ZBrush navigation is much more convenient.

In the last image, the cable looks suspended in mid-air. Great modeling so far.

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I slightly corrected and detailed his head.
Created a basic body shape.
And simulate fabric in Marvelous Desogner.

Next, I will add details to the fabric.