In and out - interior visualization

Hi everybody, after long time here is something new by me, I hope you like it. I created this work according photography of real house. I used Blender and rendered in Cycles.

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Very photorealistic! Keep up the good work!

I like it!

Very realistic, great job on this!

I think the space is interesting and the render is great.

thank you very much for comments :slight_smile:

Very nice work janmorek.
Just a question: How much samples did you used? How long it takes?

thank you :slight_smile: … I don´t remember exactly, but first image was about 1500 samples and my Nvidia Geforce 590 3Gb rendered it 1-2 hours and second image - 3000 samples and time 3-4 hours … resulution 1600 x 1400

Good job!! I like it!

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