Смешарики in BGE | Kikoriki in BGE [Open World Quest Game]

I’ve been wanted to make this game for a while and I finally started!
Смешарики is a Russian cartoon, and I decided to create a game about it.
The team working on this includes:
nnikitaka(Me) - Project Leader, Modeler, texture’r, animator
Anton Synytsia - Programmer
Maksym Synytsia - Modeler and texture’r

The game is about exploring the world of Смешарики, and completing various quests given by the various characters which will roam around the land and do various tasks.

Feedback is appreciated and yes I am Russian. :smiley:

Latest progress update:

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I love that rabbit, it looks cute and funny. Well done.

Thank you pgi!

Nice work, Nikita. Keep up the progress:)

Thank you adrian! :smiley:

New update. I’m testing split screen multiplayer in the game. Lots of stuff will change, but here is a video :smiley:

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New demo level I created :smiley: Check it out

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Nice, really nice. In game, though, you will need to reduce shadow frustum size and resolution. Currently it looks like 4K or 8K which my cause serious lag for GPUs like mine:D

@adriansnetlis yes I probably will to make frame rates higher :slight_smile: thank you

I started making more new models, almost all the houses are made just a couple more left. There are more houses just blenderartists only allows 3 pictures per post. I think making the insides of the houses are going to be the hardest part, but I think I can handle it.

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Nice low poly cartoony feel :smiley:

you going to hand paint them?

thank you :), and yes, all textures are hand painted in gimp, but it is probably one of the most time consuming parts. Also a bunch of ambient occlusion rendering is going to be required so its going to take a bit.

Whats up guys! I put this project to the side for a couple years. But I am back with a new update, check it out:

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Hello everyone, Smeshariki is one step closer to completion. A lot of graphics improvements have been done such as the addition of grass and more additions to the map.

Also check out the new video update for June 2018:

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make the ground look less pixelated. this isn’t 1995.

The terrain texture is already huge (4096*2), making it larger would slow blender down a lot. but there is something i could try to do which is splitting the map into different parts and add LOD to it.

no! don’t do that! Just have a 512x512 or 1024x1024 texture and tile it along a stencil.

So basically:

-path texture
-grass texture

nice work , i like the art style alot, its funny and cute
also great work n the low poly nature , its amaizing
the world ,how big is it ,?and also i hde the same problem as yours in texturin large scale objects

Look at this image. I have two 512x512 textures. one is called Ground, and the other is called Grass. In-between them is a texture called stencil. It is set to “stencil” mode. This assigns the 2 other textures to the black and white areas of the stencil.

Watch this tutorial for a better explanation:

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The only problem with a stencil map is that it is good for only 2 textures, but the terrain uses 5+ various textures(grass, sand, dirt, brickroad, cliff, and etc). If there is a way to have Stencil work with multiple textures please let me know.

@alf0 Thank you for feeback alf0, there will be more added to the nature such as mushrooms, flowers, and possibly some sort of animals like frogs, butterflies, and birds. The map itself is about 623x542 blender units, and the rabbit size is 1x1 blender units.

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