In Blender 2.72 Freestyle rendering is two times longer


I am using Blender to create simple 3D models with outlines, like in post attachement. I have 109 objects in my file (Verts:122k|Faces:102k|Tris:241k) grouped (by parenting) as 15 elements like “imadlo” from attachement. I have problem, after adding objects rendering is longer and longer.


imadlo v2 is checked Reneder
imadlo v2.001 is checked not Reneder
time about 3 sec.

imadlo v2 is checked Reneder
imadlo v2.001 is checked Reneder
and both are in camera rendering box
time about 13 sec.

imadlo v2 is checked Reneder
imadlo v2.001 is checked Reneder
but imadlo v2.001 is outside camera rendering box
time about 11 sec.

When check Render for all objects (but only one is in camera rendering box) time is about 20min, and more… when Freestyle is OFF rendering takes about 2sec. Can anybody help me how can I optimize rendering with Freestyle? Is there only way to uncheck Render for other objects? Other objects in my file are less complicated than “imadlo”.

Blender 2.71
Debian 7.5
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
CPU: Intel Core 2 3GHz (during rendering CPU is almost 100% in use.)

I am new in 3D modeling and Blender is it normal rendering time? My hardware is old, but I hoped that enough for simple models.

Thanks for help


I agree, Freestyle is too slow, it seems to only use one processor.

Yes, one processor. I think Clipping may be one of way to set deep of rendering. Camera tab->Lens-> Clipping Start / End.

Freestyle performance improvement is on the list for 2.72 projects

I test Blender-2.72-testbuild1-linux-glibc211-x86_64, but it renders two times longer than 2.71 :frowning:

hello again,

I tested new release blender-2.72-RC1-linux-glibc211-x86_64

and now in case 2 when both objects are checked visible and render

imadlo v2 is checked Reneder
imadlo v2.001 is checked Reneder
and both are in camera rendering box

2.71 was time about 13 sec.
2.72 is 31 sec.! it is two times longer :frowning:

My objects have:
Verticles: 25k
Faces: 35k

At there are sample times

Table 2. Overall rendering time in seconds.
[TABLE=“width: 0, align: center”]

[TH]Test case (#verts, #faces)[/TH]
TH Baseline[/TH]
TH Opt. faster[/TH]
TH Opt. less memory[/TH]

ichiotsu (75K, 121K)

6.93 sec (100.0%)
7.50 sec (108.2%)
7.93 sec (114.4%)

ramskull (370K, 741K)

35.6 sec (100.0%)

37.0 sec (104.1%)
41.6 sec (117.0%)

lily (460K, 749K)
14.5 sec (100.0%)

17.6 sec (121.3%)
18.8 sec (129.6%)



If Freestyle is important for you, i suggest that you report this problem to the bug tracker so the devs will notice and maybe find what’s going wrong.

Thanks, I tested other versions, and see that problem is with Linux version only. I reported bug: Stroke rendering time mainly depends on Crease Angle, not verticles, faces amount as I previously thought. Very large file with small Crease Angle can render in few seconds, but in result details are limited. Freestyle gives beautiful effects but rendering takes a long time.

Latest 2.72 linux release still renders two times longer. I wish to know which 3D modeling software should I use to easily model and render with outlines like Freestyle. I think I will work only with this kind of “technical drawings” models as I attached in previous posts. Thanks for help.