In blender 2.8 I cannot adjust the properties panel and timeline vertically seperately

How do I change this?

Your question is a bit confusing. Are you saying that you want your timeline to stretch across the entire width of the bottom of the window? Blender is a series of editors held together with a frameset (like with older webpages), so you’ll first need to merge everything into one frame, then split that in half horizontally, set the frame at the bottom to the timeline, then split the top frame in half vertically to create the space for the property editor:

tweeked layout.blend (622.9 KB)

Here is a tutorial that explains this in more detail:

zanzio the way you show it is what I want. Thanks for the link to the video and your comment and picture. I will check it out. I don’t know how my default layout was changed. Because I am rendering now i will adjust my interface later.

Well the timeline doesn’t stretch across the whole window by default. I had to change it so that it does. The interface is made so that you can rearrange the editors to suit you needs.

The corners of each editor frame have hotspots where you can drag in order to split or join each frame. You can also hold ctrl down when you drag away from those hotspot to swap the editors around without needing to change each editor type. You can hold shift and drag to create a new window that contains the same editor. You’ll get used to it after a while. It’s a very flexible interface.

zanzio I did what you explained and my interface is back to normal. Thanks again. I will load another version and see what the default is.