In Blender is there a way to see the "estimated time" to render?

Like before I click “Render Animation”,
is there like a box on the interface that
tells me, “Estimated time to render: 6 hours”.

Does anyone know about this?

With Blender Internal render, probably wouldnt be possible to get an accurate reading…

With Cycles, you could probably get an accurate reading by getting the number of samples per second and divide the total number of samples by that.

problem is that it depends on number of light sources and objects in the scene then it becomes difficult to give an estimation !


Perhaps it should start to render, render and as it renders, take a look how many samples it renders in what time, then by looking how many is left, calculate the approximate time remaining. ii think that would work. And that would a cool feature.

I would love to see this functionality. V-Ray does a pretty good job of estimating completion time on a per-frame basis.

Cycles could do it fairly accurately, since the processing time per sample pass is almost constant (for each frame, at least)

Octane has this feature. After a few seconds the results are pretty accurate. It can’t be too difficult to code.

Agree, some clever dev want to put in a time to completion for Cycles?

I wrote a quick little Python add-on for this. Currently, it’s only useful for animations (sorry long Cycles stills :P). You can find it in the Blender extensions tracker. Word of note: This add-on will work just fine in Blender 2.62, but it works much nicer with a small patch applied that lets Blender report to Python that it’s currently rendering. Hopefully that patch gets accepted to trunk soon.

Anyhow, usage is pretty simple. With the add-on enabled, start rendering an animation. In the Properites region of the UV/Image Editor (press N), you’ll see the total render time and the estimated time to completion in the Image panel. Also, if you run Blender from a terminal, you should see these times get reported there, as well.