In Flight

Hi all, this is my current work in progress depicting a flying Ladybug.

Change the camera angle towards the ladybug’s face to make it a bit more dynamic. It looks good but a bit on the flat side.

i agree with the post above :slight_smile: but that plant stem…wow!

Thanks for the feedback so far, the changed camera angle does give more of a natural feel to the image.
Here is the updated image.

The shading on the lady bug throws me a bit, but I agree with the third post, wow at that stem. Looks awesome.

The shading on the eye looks a bit out of place, a little bit too glossy. The lady bug as a whole could use a good motion blur to make the render a bit more dynamic. Otherwise, great stem and excellent background choice.

Here is another update, I’m still working on the materials on the bug itself.

Quite the improvement.

Here’s another update.

Looking really good now