In having an image used and rendering out to a movie...

When I use an image for a background I noticed that when rendering into a movie it flickers. What it does exactly is one frame the image is normal in another the image is slightly blurry. See Attached images.

This is a Bug. I have found it does it in both 2.65 and 2.65a and 2.64. This should not happen when rendering out to a video. I notice not all images do this. Most seem to and I can’t find anything that is the exact same on all the ones that do.

Update one thing is it seems most of the images that do it have been downloaded from online. Don’t know why that would do it. Though ones not downloaded will do it. If someone would try to see if they can replicate this. Also if someone know what is going on and has a fix or a work around please let me know. I tried to render a image sequence then make that into a video but as long as blender is used to render a video it does it.

I found the setting that causes it. Its the GOP Size in the encoding settings.

If its set to even 100 it still flickers but only after a lot of frames. If it is set to 18 it flickers every few frames. If I set it to 0 it won’t flicker but the video is a little blurry. That is something that needs to be looked at. Now that we know the specific part that is causing it.

Then I’d suspect it’s a problem with the codec. Have you tried rendering to a different one?

Yes it will flicker as long as it is a format that uses the GOP size the only exception is the h.264 file format and then you must click lossless Output. It sounds like it is a FFmpeg problem. That is an external thing. So not sure if at this time it can be fixed.