In need of a texture/material artist for small-scale, but fairly long term work

Hi BlenderArtists Community,

I’m currently making my second animated feature film called A’Taka, and am looking for an artist to do minor texture work on characters, as well as to develop a shader/material style for the characters in the movie. This will be done eventually for 15 or so characters, but right now I only need it for one character, with more work that would come later on. Here’s a front view of that character w/out complicated materials:

I’m looking for a style similar to Genshin Impact, but in Cycles Render mode. While Genshin is a good basis, I would want you to bring your creativity to the project to create a fresh looking shading style. You would do some texture work too, but like Genshin, texture work would be fairly minimalistic.

Genshin example:

My budget isn’t very high since this is a pretty small production, but we can talk prices for sure. I’m not necessarily looking for an industry veteran since, unless they believed in my project and helped out at a discounted rate, that would be out of my price range.



After what many of you have said during the hiring process, Eevee overall would be much better for this kind of shading style. I think I am going to switch over to Eevee for this movie, however I will need to do some research and re-evaluate my needs. So for now, I am closing this job but will re-open with a similar one in a week or so. Thank you all!

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