In search of The new UVs workflow

So I am back at this Blender app :smiley:

But now the uv map is in edit mode! sweet ! And COOnfusing as ever

I god a perfect unwrapped sphere, but Now I want to put a second layer onto it.

So I make a new uv map with the obscure buttons in the mesh palate and select some faces and unwrap add a texture on and bamph it’s a giant white block now.

I take it pngs and psds will not work in it ? So how do I line up a decal then ?
Also how do you select the faces that are apart of the current uv layer? It just seems to pop to different maps if you select the wrong thing.

It’s very confusing and fussy. Am I missing something? Or is this the same as not having good layers like gimp ?
Cause I see you cant rearrange them neither.

And can you really have two or more uv calculation layouts ? Cause them seem to be mixing together

They mix together according to the texture channel and settings for the texture. See the wiki on textures for more info. For each UV, select UV in the Map Input and enter the name of the UVTex. Select what you want it to map to, and how you want it to mix and tow what degree you want it, etc in the MapTo panel.Thus, you can have up to 16 or so UV Textures.

Cool. But not what I had in mind. Does the new multiple uv tool let you “see” stacked uv images like if you were editing layers in photoshop Gimp or whatever image editor you have on hand?

That was my understanding buuut it looks to be a no. So I am once again in the middle ages when it comes to texturing in blender. Back to modo ! :smiley: