In The End

Picture created for contest in polish cg vortal

The work represents the end of the earth’s game, and a new beginning in a different world …

Software: Blender and Photoshop .

Sory for double post ,but nothing happen here :frowning:
The scene was rendered in Yaf(a)ray and Blender Internal (AO,Z-dept)
Are the plant’s was arrange with my new technique ,to see more visit tutorial section and find "Another grass tutorial "

Very nice. Love the detail in the underbrush too. How many polys did that take? Great job on this image. Hope it does well in the judging!

Wow really good render man! Love the tone and mood of it.

elclanrs- thank You very much .

Dudebot13-Thank you too ,the scene has about 1 400 000 vertices ,but only on render in 3D view about 140 000 .

Hmmm nice, I like the atmosphere created by the “paint like” effect.

I do somehow feel that some important surfaces (the canyon walls and the upper edges of the “bed”) lack a bit of detail.

wow, this image is really fantastic. the one thing that’s bugging me, is that everything’s just so low poly. it looks like a screen shot from some insanely awesome game, not something meant to be a still image with that poly count. was there a reason you decided to go with such a simple mesh?

It feels abandoned, but adventurous, I like it.

Landscapes indeed are such an awe-strucking scene to look at. And you’ve fairly made a quite amount of detail to lure us into this. Such a fantastic job you did here. :slight_smile:

Whatever you did I would like to see what it would be like with much crisper and higher-res looking textures (like on the walls) than what is seen now.

The effect, whatever you did sort of detracts from the image in that things aren’t as crisp, but the modeling is good.

Nice work, why can’t you use gimp rather than photoshop

Sweet! I’m curious about the aliasing on the robe and other elements deeper in the scene. Is this a blender artifact, or was OSA not used?

Rinne-Thank You ;]
BlenderNewb101: The reason of that was that my computer isn’t a speed monster and iam lazy :wink:
watchthis:Thank You ;]
reynante: Thank You;]
Cyborg Dragon: Texturing a mountain was very hard for me ,next time will be better ,thank You;]
sanjay:hehe why don’t Gimp ? My first 2D program was photoshop so that’s the reason ,and i don’t like Gimp ,my tablet don’t work properly ,cheers.
Blinkozo- It was my fault ,and thank You for comment ;].
Sry for my English ,i reapload the image reason of that is that i make some changes ,image in first post ,one more time thank for spend time in this thread ,cheers !

Sory for double posting, i tweak this image slighlty ,see it in first post ,cheers .

It looks really beautiful!