In the forrest


I wanted to show you an old render that i made once.
I still think this is one of my best renders till this day, and thats why i decided to show it :slight_smile: I would like to know what you guy’s/girls think.
It would be hard to improve thoug, i still have the .blend file but since the new blender i just cant get the settings right.

(renderd in yafray!)

Thanks for watching

Looks awsome. Nice water. I like how it’s really reflective. Is that person real or a statue?

I thought it was a stone tap myself…

Like the kind you draw well water with.

For a couple of seconds, I thought I was looking up out of a hole, then at a reflection, the out of a hole again, now I can’t decide, except for the lack of fisheye if I were looking out of a hole full of water.
I like it.

I think we are in the water looking out, am I right?

Yes you ar right! But i am not going to say wat you are looking at :slight_smile:
Thaks for the reply’s

To me it looks like one of those manual pumps you typically have at wells…

its really nice! The camera’s underwater, and your looking at an acient version of these things to pee in:D. Without a doubt!

I thought it might be something naughty.

Obviously a penis enlargment pump. I might be wrong though.

Who on earth would stick thier dick in some random thing in the middle of the woods?

I realy like it! It’s like two pictures… The first is that you see the mirror of the watertap and the second you look up from a deep whole where some deamon stands over you. I don’t know if it was intended, but it surely looks good!

Now that you say that, it actually looks like on of those.

Oke to prevent more lame but funny reply’s here it is

this takes allot of the mistery off :frowning: hope it is still as cool :wink:

Thanks for the reply’s!

P.S. (i intended it to look this way)

Oh. . .well I guess someone could still stick their . . . never mind.

Defenitly! (i guess)

Care to post the .blend file?

Yeah sure wat is the best way?

But as i said before, some of the blender (world buttons) settings have changed so i cant get it to look the same way.
Allso the model is a bit odd :stuck_out_tongue: i made it a long time ago so its not that good.

But if you tell me what a good file site is for uploading i would like to upload it.

I found a site to upload file, don’t know if its any good.

Here is the file

Please don’t rip my stuff