In the mirrors and copy rotations in collections - need consultations

Few questions:

  1. Why I can’t move origin here?
    car_1.blend (835.0 KB)

  2. How copy rotations should be set on collection to rotate inverted as parallel ?
    car_2.blend (836.2 KB)

  3. Wait…

  1. How to rotate 2part of car in collections to have:
    a) parallel turn on axel
    b) rear wheel turned in right direction (note about arrows on tyres)
    car_3.blend (842.9 KB)

Is there limitations on collections to realize this or doing wrong something? Or should do this in other way?

  1. For empties there seems to be no explicit origin so you just have to move the (complete) empty…
  2. hmm interesting never thought of using an instance of a collection (??) … tried this with a driver… the empty now moves in a propper way if you rotate th xexle in z… but the collections instance seems just to move a little :sweat_smile: … (rotating the wheel breask everything… euler problem?? quaternion does do a complete other thing)
    car_2_driver.blend (834.7 KB)
  1. Right! My mistake after long work… So collection on default not have origin and must be empty, etc?

  2. This not working for me as expected any way…

Looks like bug?

Please don’t use to request support for your questions anymore. It is needed to catch bugs.

Add the .blend file if You can. I made all as you and not have this effect. I mind it’s not working for me as the 2 point to use copy rotation in mirror as inverted what was reason to use empty.

I do not want to prove the absence of a bug by implementing your task without the problem that you consider a bug
Make a video review of your problem if you have a rebuttal to my video

car_get_good_1.blend (850.9 KB)

Well, you simplified the task. Because the axle has been removed and the wheel is not in the mirror and arrows deleted to not find direction. So you prove the efficiency of the tool in a completely different reality. Why?

The reason of this type operation with mirrors and constraints was for simply work with more advanced assembly without individual work repeated 4x times.
And if possible, the resolve features around copy rotation maybe. I chose simple example that this bellow.

Anyway… I do this on front as want, but point 3 looks as impossible.
The mistake was due not use 4collection but working on part of susspension.
car_get_good_1b.blend (863.5 KB)

I still not understanding what is reason to have separated “container” of object for collections and not working with this directly but hide somewhere to not create problems in future… like here… still this same. I have bad habits from sketch-up components.