In the mood

(acasto) #1

I’m wondering if anyone ever does the same. Ever get’s in the mood to strip down the PC, with the goal of improving it, or even just making it different. Every few months I get the urge to try and make it faster or cooler, or something. Tonight I’m shooting for quiet. Then another day, maybe when I build another one, I’ll change up the looks or whatever.

What’s some of the ideas you’ve had or have done on a late night, coffee driven modding spell?

(rwv01) #2

I can relate to that. I’ve spent may an hour tweaking my PC.
Nothing special, just the usual: optimizing everything I could, adding more ram, better video card, sound card, faster modem throughput, then DSL, and a new peripheral now and then. It’s still no Rolls Royce but it ain’t no Yugo either!

(ray_theway) #3

I’ve done that once or twice. One time, I decided to crack open my 1995 Compaq Presario to see what I could do for it. I tried putting a graphics card in it, but thing had two PCI ports and four ISA ports (no AGP :frowning: ). Then I tried to see if it would take a 64 MB stick of PC100 RAM (no such luck - it uses SIMM’s!). Then, I gave up and added a second CD-ROM to my newer computer (it took me an hour and a half to figure out I had the IDE cable in backwards).

Yup, I’ve a got a “Ford F150” (a real workhorse, too) and a '60s VW Beetle missing two hubcaps and a door :stuck_out_tongue: (figuratively speaking, of course) .

(acasto) #4

I should really get off my ass and get Iptic up and going. I’m learning to induced episodes of mania, so perhaps one day you all will wake up and there will be a whole new slew of features and things on Iptic. I would really like to start a forum on modding in the Iptic forums. So many people around here can’t afford to go out and buy the latest and greatest equipment. But there are a lot of us talented enough on here to get the most out of what is put in front of us. We should teach others.

I made my PC almost silent last night for about $13. I just got some 3M double-sided foam mounting tape, some rubberized utility mats (like you wipe your shoes on at the door), and some of that sticky-foam stuff. I studied the air flow in my case. Removed some uneccesary fans. Moved more fans to the back. Isolated vibrational pieces with the foam mounting tape. Used the sticky-foam to put the matting in for acoustic dampaning. Now I’m working on lowering the voltage to a couple fans using the 7v trick (12v+5v=7v) to cut down on some of the higher pitched whining sounds.

When I build a new desktop, I’m really thinking about using passive or at least semi-passive cooling. Maybe with something like the Zalman all copper ‘flower’ heatsink. I get really excited when it comes to projects. Especially ones where it’s almost a competition against yourself, to be the best or better than before. My friend, who I’m hoping to hire this month, is really wanting to build a PC. I’m really wanting to build another PC. Perhaps we can get to gether and build a super PC. Mwhahaahaha…

To bad we all live around the world. Or else we could get some cheap office. Fix it up. And make a Blender studio. Perhaps some individual Blender studios, or even home studios will spawn up. Then maybe one day we could bring the internet blender renderer idea and project workgroups into a better light :slight_smile: Perhaps a virtual, online Blender stuido. But I guess you could already consider Elysiun that kind’ve.

(basse) #5

well… I dont much tweak my system… software or hardware. once I got it running, I let it run. then, when it breaks, or gets old, I fix it or buy another. my upgrade parts are second hand leftovers from my friends.

I have coffee spilled on my old (veryold) ibm keyboard, many times… my younger son has teared out my panels of cdrom drive and monitor so they look a bit… heh… horrible…
I have taped shut my power and reset buttons (because of the younger son again) and my older son has put stickers on my monitor… there are bunnies, cars, eyes, … . and fingerprints and pencil marks aaaaal over.

my wife hates it.
I like it. (I dont like brandnewnotusedatall-looking stuff)

of course it ruins the livingroom feng-shui…


(kaktuswasse) #6

hehe, once i wanted to build my own case. A cube made out of plexiglass… Well , my handicraft-skills seemed to not be good enough… The plexiglas now lays around…
After that i decided to not touch my system much anymore, because i almost destroyed the whole thingy %|

cya henrik

(acasto) #7

I made a cube computer out of maple wood for my Linux router/firewall. Plexiglass would be tough, unless you used some type of asthetic edging to hide the goo neccesary to hold it together. Or if you were very steady, you could use some good epoxy and probaby make it look about clear. One thing I’ve learned in the past, is that computers aren’t really that fragile. You can do quite a bit to them, and as long as you know what your doing they will survive. I even crossed some bad wires last night and had a spark shoot out. But it came back to life after a few minutes of messing around with it.

NOTE: as long as you watch that things are grounded, you can make a case out of anything.

(Enzoblue) #8

I once watered my new 19" monitor. Sparks flew, vapors rose. Thought for sure my $500 american just went down the tubes.

I unplugged it, took off the back and let it air dry for a few hours. Put it back together and plugged it back in. Still using it now :slight_smile:

Hint: Putting plants above your work desk looks nice, but can give you a cardiac.

(IMProvisar) #9

lol, Enzo.

Yeah, I need to do some stuff still… I severely need a new case, and when I get it, I really want to put some work into soundproofing. The computer is in my bedroom, and can be rather loud at times (though, my PS2 sounds even louder).

If you’re planning on doing some soundproofing, this article at may help, came across it once when I was reading about modding.