In the process of making - Notre dame

Hi I started making Notre Dame and I have a few question. For example:

  1. How I can make this element (pattern) ,this circle I tryed but this didnt go well?
  2. How I can make pattern on this arc?

How you see I have maded base of this bulding.

And sorry for my english if in this post are some misttake ,I will too invite you to my instagram: Instagram

I would ( did ) start with a fan-filled circle 64 vertices and extruded and scaled to get the outer depth, then worked into the center…the 12 openings were created with another empty circle and a curve and array modifier…once in place…went to orthographic view and used the array and knife project to cut the arches…hide the cut-outs and used another circle to cut off the ends… then separated the ring section and added a solidify modifier…

Then just keep plugging away at it…the tri-arch can be built the same way…


Okey ,I will try then.
Thanks for advance.

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