In the Tool Room

A scene I’ve been working on for the last couple of days in 2.58a Comments welcome, let me know how I could improve this!

interesting, although I think there is still alot to be improved, the screws dont look too realistic, and as far as i can tell i think it needs a bit more/some ambient occlusion.

You’re right there sir! I had no ambient occlusion turned on, so far I’ve only got a simple 3 point light setup. Better lighting is on the table, I just have to get around to it. As for the screws, they’re just a first attempt…good enough for me to put in there, but yes, definitely in need of more time put into them. Thank you much for your comments. :slight_smile:

Also, maybe try rendering in an external renderer, such as the demo of octane render or luxrender perhaps, it would improve it 100000%