Inception Trailer - tutorial (caution - lyrics)

This is a trailer I edited to help get used to Blender’s sequence editor. I moved some scenes around and synced an audio track to it. I should be uploading parts of a tutorial this weekend, for those who are interested.

Let me know what you think.

Ahhh terrible song… Really doesnt fit the movie, or the trailer.
I think as a rule, I wouldnt be remaking a trailer which was probubly one of the better trailers of the year, especially since the music theme for the inception trailer was so fitting in the official one. And the bits where the characters are speaking when you cant hear them is off-putting. A lot of trailers have the music quiten or stop completely for bits involving speach, and of course those bits are relavant to the trailer as a whole and push it forwards anyway.

Also I noticed its all streched a bit height-ways, wrong aspect ratio?

Either way, +1 for the tutorial.
Ive been wanting to get into the sequence editor for a while, but theres not much documentation out there at all…