Incomatability between 64 and 32 bit?

I have a .blend file I did in 2.49a on a 32 bit windows XP system. Renders fine. But to speed up the rendering job, I took a portion of it home to render on my 64 bit Vista system.
I get a message box, I think from Windows, that says a disk can’t be found. I’ve already ported the same blend file to two other XP 32 bit computers and can confirm that all files are local and rendering works OK. This also happens in 2.49a.
Is this a 32/64 bit incompatability? Or something else? Any clue would be appreciated.

A blend file is compatible across all systems, Win 32, Win 64, Mac, Linux etc.

If you want a clue, it should be in the error message you get.


This could be a permissions issue. Try right clicking on Blender and run in administrator mode, then open the blend file.

not exactly your problem, but i read somewhere somewhen that a file made or saved with blender-64bit cannot be opened with blender-32bit, is that still the case?

I copied the .blend file and all the source media to the internal hard drive. Then, I had to re-link all the videos, because the path had changed. I thought I was set up for “relative paths” But apparently I’m not. Anyway, once I did this, it all rendered fine.
So, probably the error was being caused by media not being found.
Not a very helpful error message, I might add.