incomplete guitar..

Hello, I’m making a guitar(Gibson Les Paul)
and i need opinions about the work, I need put the strings on it yet…

I’ve used internal renderer cause if I use yafray, the transparency in the volume buttons is rendered as black…

internal renderer:


someone knows how do the same in yafray?

srry for the english

Well for transparent, do the Clear glass or colored glass mode they have in Mirror. then basically go from there. OR as an alternative, do what I do to replace my Halo effects, raise the Amb setting! to the max, and add a color.


  • the machine heads look too bulbous
  • the fret positions don’t look quite right. They should follow a logaritmic scale.Try using a photo for reference.

well I’ve used a photo to reference in scale…
and i’ll change the machine head

thanks freen

and thanks brien the setup is working with yafray now

now with strings… :smiley:

i’ve changed the machine head too, thanks for the critiques, now I’ll aply some nice textures and make a scene …