Incorporate flat graphical U.I. style elements in render?

Hi folks,

Please take a look at the attached image.

In it i have a subdivided plane. I also have the “show overlays” button enabled.

So i’m getting a black grid with little dots at each vertices.

Ok, so this stuff is meant as a visual aide. But imagine i actually want this sort of stuff to appear in my render? Is that possible? The key point is that perspective has no effect on these elements. They follow the lines of perspective but remain flat with a constant scale. So i imagine that would be the tricky part. For example, creating lines in your viewport that recede into the distance, but keep a constant width.

Any ideas on this? I should explain i’m using Blender for graphic design / 3D arty stuff, i’m not trying to create realistic images!


Ok, if anyone is interested, i found at least one (and probably the only) way to do this.

In edit mode: view > viewport render animation

This will basically render what you’re seeing on the screen.

And then in the “show overlays” tab you can adjust what’s displayed on the screen.

and… edit > preference > themes > 3D view to adjust the colurs of the graphical U.I elements (edges, verts, faces etc)

In case anyone is wondering why i would want to do this, here’s an example below, it’s a cool effect when you have a 3D scene where some of the elements don’t change in size according to the laws of perspective!