incorrect animation

After installing version 2.74 (was 2.69) incorrectly animation is playing, stops anywhere. Why is that?

You should give more information.

Idont know if it might be similar but I also have animation issues happeing when using animations in BGE in current Blender versions.
Left click to slash .
AWSD keys to move

slash animation for some reason starts from half animation point. Currently for me it only occurs when doing over 90* degrees animation rotations .


1.blend (563 KB)The camera must be rotated 90 degrees each time you press the left to the right.

I’m not exactly sure where the problem lies, but you may reconsider to change your approach. Using an action to rotate the camera directly and more specifically by checking the position of the camera every time is no solid solution. Well, it could work, but then you’d have to figure out which values to put in the list first. Your list contains 9.18, but this can never be evaluated as an integer, which is one of the reasons it fails.

You could make it yourself easier by using an Empty in the center to rotate the camera child. I’m guessing you want to rotate the camera with increments of 90 degrees. Then I have two possible solutions in mind. One is to check use_additive in the Action Actuator. The other is to rotate with Python alignAxisToVect.

Here are three examples. Hope it helps.


Camera_turn_action.blend (83.4 KB)Camera_turn_alignAxisToVect.blend (84.4 KB)Camera_turn_action_bricks_only.blend (82.1 KB)

Thank you, Raco, very informative.
Please tell me how best to move from one scene to another. For example, the first scene of the entrance to his account, the second scene of the search server created games, third and fourth - a map of the world and the game menu. In the third stage on hidden layers are all of the objects and characters. Sometimes when downloading third stage game crashed.

I’m glad I could help.

I’d like to help you, but this request or question doesn’t fit the title of this thread. That’s why you better start a new thread with a fitting title and mark this one as RESOLVED (you can do that in your first post in the title field).