Incorrect Names for Time Zones

I found the date feature (for example, May 22, 2018 8:53 PM) quite nice, but the names of the time zones for Brazil are pretty much wrong. It lists:


The official names are actually

Acre Time
Amazon Time
Brasília Time
Fernando de Noronha Time

While the first and fourth are okay, I do not know which one is East and which is West (ok, if you look at a map it is obvious, but it is not the kind of thing I have in my head).

Looking at the files of my Linux system, the naming seems to be the same. I suppose the low-level naming is kept a mess for compatibility issues, but since I usually do not see this kind of stuff in websites, maybe there is some UI fix to show the user proper names?

Sunrise tends to be East, sunset West in most parts of the world, if it helps.

I checked and there are no overrides in the UI. If these match the system-level definitions, I don’t think this will be changed by the Discourse team.