Incorrect unwrapping causing problems with baking question.

Can someone look at my uvunwraps and tell me if there is something wrong? Because when I go to bake the multires onto the low poly dragon they don’t align.

This is from uv unwrapping the low poly dragon on layer one:

This is from unwrapping the multires dragon on layer two:

Then I select the multires dragon then shift select the lowpoly dragon. Then I bake following the procedure I found here: (I’m not sure I’m selecting them correctly.) This is what I get after I bake:

Note: I can’t upload the blend file because it is too big (56 mb)

Hi poly model does not need unwrapping, you’re doing it wrong, the tutorial you mentioned explain it well so be sure to read it carefully.

You need a unwrapped low poly dragon, then a hi poly dragon to transfer details which doesn’t need unwrapping. Trust me, follow the tut better.


Thanks for responding. The tutorial for the dragon instructed to select the low res dragon first and also to unwrap the hi res dragon. So that’s why I tried that way. I did it the way in the says but still can’t get the texture to bake onto the low res dragon. The steps don’t seem to be so complicated, but it just isn’t working for me. Very frustrating.

Do you have a multires or a subsurf modifier on the high poly dragon ?
If yes, make sure in the modifier the setting next to “Render” is set to the highest value, not the lowest.
And check in the Scene panel if you have not limited the amount of subdivision or something similar :

Additionally, for baking make sure you select :
-first- the high poly dragon
-press SHIFT and select in -second- the low poly dragon
do not select 1st the low poly then 2nd the high poly.
This order of selection is very important when baking from a high poly to low poly (and as said, you don’t need the high poly dragon to be unwrapped at all, only the low poly dragon needs to be unwrapped).

If nothing helps, you should consider uploading your blend to or rar/zip/7z it and use your prefered hosting website, so someone can give a closer look on what could be wrong.

Are you sure you’re reading the same tutorial you link? :

To bake the normal map, we must first unwrap the UVs for the lowpoly (the highpoly has no need for UVs and may be left as is) then we need to assign a blank image to those UVs that will become the normal map.

Also note: how big is your model? Scale is important.