Increasing GSoC paint speed

I just downloaded the GSoC paint build this AM. It was going along smooth as butter when suddenly a significant performance lag when painting directly on my object. The speed was fine when painting in the UV Editor. Even tho I restarted Blender a number of times I was getting the same performance.

After an hour or so of fiddling with settings, I did a complete machine re-boot. Now it’s fine again.

Just thought I’d share and maybe save somebody an hour of their life.

When Psy-Fi finishes his work and ports everything to trunk, then we might bring this up again

Right on my new/old Friend!!

(btw, have you had the same issue?)

Depends on which build we are talking about, there were a few of them and I have only one of them. I am using vanilla 2.69 right now so as to not stray from what is possible for people to emulate. I look forward to when they are all in trunk and in a stable release, though I do use them here and there try out workflow.