Incredibly vivid nightmares about zombies,

So, I had a horrible dream about zombies,
it felt like it lasted a week or more (even though I had only slept a few hours)

I woke up, and it was like the dream hurt…
I almost threw up,

then my downstairs neighbor described having the same dream,

anyone ever have a similar experience?

really recently?

“They’re coming . . .”

(And they dance, and one of them looks suspiciously like Michael Jackson.)

It’s probably a coincidence, zombie-themed TV shows and video games are incredibly popular right now and the average person will tend to have dreams influenced by their interests or activities.

Though of course it seems like my brain works differently when it comes to dreams, because over 90 percent of the stuff in them have absolutely nothing to do with my experiences or with what I saw in terms of media whatsoever (I view a lot of Dragon images in a bid to get dreams featuring them for instance but to no avail).

I don’t watch any of them,
I don’t play em,

and these zombies were their own…
yellow shiny eyes, in the dream we learned they
were running on fermentation, breaking down their own bodies
to move, and they were fast, but brittle and dry,

also, there were places I have never seen,
all in all it was, tbe scariest shit I have ever seen.

Ooh spooky! Just over the weekend I saw a group of street performers do Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, masks n’ all. Hmm… too weird.

When did this dream take place?

[i]“Say, hey! Sounds like a very interesting story!” Write it down while it’s still fresh. Don’t let it slip away . . .

@Blue: Sounds about right…

The night before last,

and it was brutal enough that I have been locking up EVERYTHING at night…

and I should write it down…

Heh, by all means lock the doors and close the drapes! They’re gonna git what they’re commin’ for, one way or another. They always do, or do they?

Your soul

There was a Mythbusters episode that shows with strong enough locks, you can keep a hoard of zombies out indefinitely (even if there were a hundred pushing against the door).

The only thing I could see causing a zombie apocalypse is an exotic virus that virulently attacks the brain while keeping the victim alive. That assuming it’s also as contagious as the Measles virus (which is near the top of the list in that respect).

Believe it or not dreams played a big role in sparking my desire to rearrange my priorities a good number of years ago. Had some of what I would call really powerful dreams, I remember the first one like it was last night. When I woke up I felt… I don’t know, it’s hard to say, like I had been thunder struck, literally like something smashed into me with great force.

Like suddenly waking up in the middle of a category 42 hurricane. Tossed and whipped around like a rag doll, ripped limb from limb. Then finding myself standing in darkness, as far as the eye could see, nothingness. Not a house a table, not an animal or a soul to speak with. Staring into the nothing, tears streaming down my face nursing my broken and bruised body. Just the most profound experience

I dream almost every sleep time, and some of them are really rediculous, and some of them are almost horrible. So when I get this kind of dream now, I will tell myself it’s just not real and then I weak up. But seriously, sometime I dream bad things happening on me, for example, the ghosts. I don’t know whether there exist ghosts, but they were really breath taking dreams. When I get rid of them and weak up to te real world, I really feel released. By the way, that feeling is awesome:yes:

Well after reading your facebook post the other day I did have one on a cargo ship with zombies. Thanks.

Late last year, I had a series of three dreams about BGE development, the first one showed it with a bright future, the next one showed it with a more tempered pace of development, and the last showed it being pretty much dead in the water. After that last one I decided to see about chucking the BGE altogether and downloaded Godot.

Now it seems like the BGE is coming back to life, leading me to weigh on whether to start using it again, maybe in the future though.

The last dream I had that had any meaning to me was that- I don’t know who it was, but it was someone I knew well- told me as I slept to “Check the sheets.” I immediately woke up and checked the sheets, expecting to find a spider or something about to kill me. Of course, there was nothing, but I have checked the sheets before I slip into bed every night for the past three freakin’ years. I gotta say I’m pretty jealous that at least your dream had meaning and didn’t make you look like a fool for the past three years you try to sleep.

@SilentRainstar: Maybe it was a metaphor that something seemingly innocuous is perhaps not quite so innocuous after all.

I remember having a talk with someone about my zombie woman character was it you blueprintrandom?

That’s deep…