In'd world map set (WIP)

this is the world sample I was making.
“physics are folly religions, those pyramids are the key.”

need help with a game, I mean what do you think this world needs???:o

a purpose. what is the game about, what does it tell, what mechanics does it have.

the game is about… what you have been through, what you have felt, then when you wake up in this world, you had to explore 3 expanding worlds just you an figure it out.

(the mechanics suppose to be point and click myst style game)
(made by game maker engine)

(this is the pyramid world: in this level, there switches that turn directions of statues, my original idea was going upside down so you can get to the other side, but I finally learned that I can use the rotate to change direction of the bridges so they can connect well.)

then decide if its an open world, or linear playthrough, is it story based or not, is it first, or 3rd person, or top-down.

its first person, its an experiment… I think this world is about electricity, circuit connecting, but how do you find a power source?

this is so far I go…

I wish there was a better Modder for making a concept (bridge turner)
(it will be activated with… um… a leather?)

this is one of the beta concept for the puzzle game

those are a mods I have worked so for my point and click game obelisk.
those 3 are the world ages I was talking about.
In’d: an iron pyramid age. (rotate the bridges into connecting them together if you find a switch)
Ruub: an cube age. (move rooms like an actual slider puzzle, so you can make different paths)
Orbo: a spherical age. (it works like a real planet except that its a maze, try the gravity defying platforms or something)

I need ideas or concept from everyone to see what they have something in there minds. it have to be unique.

You cant ask us about everything friend, if you want to develop a game, then do so yourself and ask us how to do something when you have a spesific problem.

if you cant come up with ideas, then post it in off topic, or in the critical feedback channel, not in the support channel.

once you got a working playable game, THEN you can ask for feedback as we will at that point be able to assist you on a technique level.

ohh just to point out, here is the reason i was being a bit harsh on him:

hes already made a thread about this project.

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I have some trouble with a final world…

I just want some ideas on what this world will/be/something look like.


then post it to focused critique. not here. this is a place for spesific things

(where is this place anyway?)

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welp I did it and I need anyone so see this in this forum you are suggesting.