"Indenting" a model?


I have a question regarding some model features in this thread. If you scroll down to where there is a close up of the nose, you will notice some nice smooth indentations on the nose. How would I model something like this?
Put more plainly: How’d he do that?!
Thanks in advance,

PS: I’m asking because it would be very usefull on something I’m working on…

Why don’t you ask Sonic TH for some wires, both with the subsurfacing on and off? That’ll help you best.

Never thought of that, thanks.
Anyone else who just wants to share though, go ahead

I’m new but I would think he is using subsurfing or bump/displacement mapping.

For very small grooves I would use a bump map. This example shows how you would model something similar, a bigger groove than your example but you’ll get the idea.



Ok, Isee the vertices. I see the finished product. Somehow I cant’ figure out how you made that though. Did you insert a circle onto the mesh and extrude it somehow? Or is it this “subsurfacing”. :-? Sorry to ask so much, But I’ve not found a tutorial that deals with this type of thing really well.

Yes it is subsurfed in the render picture

Step by step

  1. add a plane and subdivide it a couple of times
  2. delete some verts in th middle
  3. added a circle (samme number of verts as around the hole)
  4. make faces between the circle and the subdivided plane.
  5. extrude the now circular hole to form the groove
  6. fill in the rest with faces.
  7. turn on subsurf.

You might benefit from watching somebody else model. If you have a decent internet connection go to http://www.ibiblio.org/bvidtute/ and under the over-the-shoulder section download the bathtub and bishop video.


Thanks alot! I’m guessing to fill in the faces quickly I should use the “SHIFT-F” hotkey?

start with a plane subdivide 2 times to get this

select the faceces here (face select mode)
then e-key enter,enter
move the mouse
get this
repeate a few times then select an edge loop( alt-rmb )(vert select mode)
move the loops see what you get with subD
good luck and check out Grey beards links.

You could try using a UVmap. This is ideal for complicated surfaces like space ships.

look at the last image at the bottom of this page…
The lid is entirely a bumpMap Image, but with the NOR applied to mke it 3D looking. Read through the tutorial from the beginning and see how it works.

Well I know I have learned something from this thread. :slight_smile:
This has really helped for any future modeling I do.

Jason G hope your model turns out well.