Independent layers view

Hi everyone,

I have 2 layers in my project. When i changed one layer’s view, it also changed the view of other layer. Is there a way i can make it independent of each other? For example, if i change one layer to top ortho view, when i swich to the other layer, it also switch to top ortho view. I don’t want that change, can i keep each layer’s view independent?


Blender layers don’t work that way. You can instead set up custom window settings from one of the menu items in the 3D View window. There are already a few of them set up by default, but that doesn’t stop you from changing them or creating your own. Just set up the current (default) windows the way you want, then add a new setting and give it a name, then set the windows the way you want for the second set-up, and create a setting for that. Now all you have to do is switch settings from the main menu (3D View).