indian shaman

Im going to have to stop looking at sketchbooks like this one. Every time I look at one like this I get inspired and distracted from my own projects. Well done aeron.

thanks Guys
of course Glassdog i took me enough much time it is not such easy for me. :wink: i finish sculpt model has 200 poly v and it is ready to textured process

oo yep i forget correct fastener on outfit :

test shader

here is some new speed sculpts which i made in dynatopo. Render cycles, i borrow materials from @BenDansie

Great work.

Thank You very much

great busts… like the male speedsculpt in particular.

Nice work man, I am really loving the caricature that you put into your work.

Looking great man. :slight_smile:
Keep it up!

Thanks Alin and Tyrant
something new not finish yet

Great sculpts Aeron!

dzieki wielkie :wink: widze ze kolega z wroclawia :slight_smile:

great sketchbook :slight_smile:

thanks :wink:

From this I can create the column XD

hehe it is very kind of You but how can U see my column is so so

new sculpt after long pause, Ifryt

Good job, the first render, indian shaman.

After long break.pardon the bad quality


very amazing and interesting, i like to know because not to use the dyntopo instead to use multiresolution