Indian Village

I am making this village just for fun. to practice.

i dont know how to make realistic terrain! i would really like to make a cliff if the back, and then a hill and some other things.

it’s currently rendered with just simple AO, but the finished product will be rendered with yafray.

modeled with dupliverts. made it easier than i though it would be! :wink:

CnC please!

hmm… does anyone have any tutorials or help about making longhouses?

i cant seem to make one look right…

also waiting for terrain help! :smiley:

You could try to make terrain with Terragen and then import it to Blender. There are also scripts for Blender that generate terrain.

It is possible to model the terrain quite easily:

  1. Make a grid (64x64 will do).
  2. Set subsurf on for the grid (level 2/3 will be sufficient).
  3. Use proportional editing tools and select/random to make bumps to the grid.
  4. Use Subdivide Fractal to make canyons and similar anomalies to the terrain.

I am sure there are a lot more techniques to make terrain.

About longhouse: Find good reference pictures. For example:

Dupliverts are surprisingly effective when modeling walls/roof/whatnot. Just subdivide the wall to segments, model a segment and use dupliverts to copy it to the other segments.

thanks for the pic of the longhouse!

ill do some more tings later. i am busy right now.

You can use The Gimp to do a heightmap to the mountain part and use proprtional edit to make the hills. Here you have a tut on making a pretyy realistic scene with water and mountains.

To add detail to what Bebraw said above here are the links :smiley:

For a great looking terrain you can either use Blender World Forge script:

Or even better Terragen terrain imported into Blender.
Terragen —>
The import script —>
Does require a python install but every good blender head has it I believe :stuck_out_tongue:

You mentionned longhouses as in indian longhouses and not viking right ? sigh why do i ask questions when I have the answer…I’m tired lol

ok, ill try terragen. update soon!

sorry to keep you all waiting!

(hehe…maybe ill add the pteradon i made to this scene :P)

EDIT2!!: I can’t get a terrain that looks like a plains with some small hills! (i know how to get terrain into blender now, btw) I really need plains with small hills.

any help?