Indie Horror Game needs a Blender artist

Hello whoever may be reading this!

I am the lead designer behind an indie game that a friend and I are making. We have 2 of three components down, programming and concept art; but we still need the third, 3D assets. Right now we are in the prototype/conceptual phase of the game. We have some mechanics, story, concept art, etc done and I am now starting to prototype the mechanics.

This is where you come in. We need stuff to fill up our levels. We need assets to make the game seem “full” and not seem so baron. We need our monsters brought to life.

I know a little bit about blender and have been making models to work with while we are prototyping, but I am not very good. I need someone who can take it to the next level and make something amazing.

I am not looking for “next-gen” graphics or anything like that. I am looking for someone who can model, texture, and animate. Most of the work will be for static objects that can be found in an office building, warehouse, and apartments. The only things that need to be boned/animated will be some enemies and the player.

If interested I will send a list of normal objects and animated objects that I would need.

Payment will be discussed once we get in contact. I am looking to pay on a need basis. This means that I cannot pay on any kind of normal schedule (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). I will pay when I can. The reason for this is because this is a self funded game, and my fun money is going towards this. Also this means that I do not expect you to keep sending me models, or working on stuff until I ask for it. Your time is precious and I don’t want you to be working on anything for me unless I have paid for it.

Please contact me here, or let me know you are interested by sending me an email to Functionally.Psychotic[at]gmail.

Feel free to ask any questions

Hello I’m interested, here is my very low poly demoreel completely made with blender…

And some tests on Cryengine 3:

Let me know if you need sculpted monsters (I have many)…

e-mail sent