Indie Music Video "Torres da Concertina - Cana Verde" Edited in Blender 2.8

Hello friends!
I was wondering were should I place this, it’s not artwork but it was all made in Blender, so I ended up on the news to be in the safe side. :wink:

Pedro Torres, a.k.a, “Torres da concertina” is a self taught Concertinista ( A player of “Concertina”, a folk music Portuguese instrument) He aspires to be both a great Concertinista and a great youtuber too.

I had some experience in directing and video editing, from previous projects, so I’ve volunteered my self to make him all the video work.

The footage was captured in a period of 4 months, just 15 to 30 minutes each Sunday with an old consumer camera, a Cannon Powershot SX1 IS, which, in the positive side, has great zoom and great stereo microphones.

I’ve used only Blender 2.8 for the video and sound work.

Torres da Concertina is walking on the park when suddenly he spots a lost concertina. He decides to give it a try and ends up playing it in several locations of the Portuguese city “Figueira da Foz”.

The project:
My goal was that the transitions between locations would be as seamless as possible, both regarding video and sound. I did that by leaving the last performance we’ve captured in the bottom and added on top all the others locations, cutting bits on start and end. I’ve payed attention to keep the opening and closing of the concertina matching ( hands and buttons don’t match that good :P).

After encoding an alpha version we’ve then returned to the mountains (a place without much noises like cars and people) were we capture one of the shots and watching the video, Pedro played it as close as possible to the images. That become the music that you ear on the video.
Everything else came from, all the sounds from the several shots were deleted as most often our family members, were eared talking :laughing:

Hope you like it!
Any question I’l drop by to answer it as soon as possible.
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Very well done…I only noticed that around .57 seconds the video is not in sync with sound…it is where his right hand remains in the lower notes but sound jumps to higher…not to many people will even notice…and another great use for Blender !

Thanks RSEhlers!
Yeah :sweat_smile: That kind of thing was the reason we had to record all the audio in the end again, but even so there is always a few spots that don’t get fully covered. Anyway, I’m sure that if we would look to the buttons he is pressing carefully, they also are mostly of sync :stuck_out_tongue: …but I’ve seen worse in some professional videos hehe.

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