Indie studio Novum is searching for modelers and animators

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Short studio intro:
We are a group of people that met over several other projects and have decided to form a team, which we named Novum Studio, with the idea of making games which both we and everyone else can enjoy.

Short project intro:
Our new project is a fantasy*role playing game and building sim with a open world map.

We are looking for people that are comfortable working in a team and can be mature.Able to attend bi-weekly meetings.Comfortable with learning new things and possibly teaching things to other members. Have discord, our means of communication. Able to work with european time zones.

We are currently recruiting:
3D Modeler - We are looking for both Character and Environmental modelers. It is prefered that if you do character art, you can also do texturing and rigging. If you focus on environmental art it is prefered you can do both modeling and texturing. If you can do both Character and Environmental , please let us know!
Animator - Someone comfortable with animating objects and humanoid characters, preferred if comfortable with non-humanoid like creatures too.

Compensation will take the form of revenue share, the amount will be determined later based on involvement and performance.

Long term plan is to create an environment where we can make a stable living and enjoy making the things we make.
Short term plan is to launch our first product which will allow us to focus on development as a full time job, and fund our next project.

A few examples of what we have so far

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Fixed the Thread a bit was submitting through phone and didn’t realize some mistakes back then.
As for when it comes to the trailer it doesn’t really represent the current project we are currently using it as an example of how we hope to see the art in it to look like.
And my last update would be that the project is already ongoing production which I forgot to mention in my original post.

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I’m a 3D looking for experience and will volunteer. Here is a site showing some of my work. If interested in my help please refer to the “Contact me” section at the bottom of that page.

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