Indie team working on RPG

Hi, my name is Andrew. I am a 3d art, apart of a 3 person team. We have been working to build our game, a RPG combat Adventure.
We have been working on the game for just over 4 months and have alot of the game complete.
Our team consists of myself ( 3d artist ), a programmer and a 2d artist.

We are looking for people to come on board and help us on this game a hopefully future games.
If you are a 2d or 3d artist, Audio artist, writer, ect; whateveryour position, if you feel like you can contribute then we would love to hear from you.
A position we are looking to fill quickly is for a 2d artist, we have a fair bit of GUI work that we need to complete and could use the help.

This is a basic run Down of our game;

The game is a fps action adventure, very similar to skyrim but on a much smaller scale.
We have simulated the combat mechanics and designed the levels to lead the play on a journey, combatting his or her way through the levels we have designed.

The game follows a pretty simple story and is played out through the levels via objective game play.
The story is pretty rough but it is this;

A dangerous Sorcerer poses a great threat to the Realm, with the dawn approaching the time draws near where the Evil Warlord will summon a Dragon to destroy the lands.

In surrounding lands, bandits and dark mages guard the road ahead. It is up to a lone wanderer who must take the journey upon himself, into the mountains and stop the Sorcerer from summoning The Dragon.

The first level starts with the player fighting through a village of bandits and leads into deep wilderness as the levels go on.
The NPC combat varies between armed combat and magic attacks, based on the different enemies we have.
The player has a range of Armed combat mechanics such as One handed and two handed sword fighting as well as Archer and spear projectile Combat.

We have been working in Unity and blender to build the game and have a working build constantly being updated and tested.

We have 60 % of the game mechanics complete, 60% of the enemies complete and 20 % of the 2d art complete.
3 out of 5 levels are complete, while the 4th level is currently being worked on.
Extra feature levels for mini levels are being designed along with the pilot/tutorial level.
20 % of the weapons are complete.

There is still a bit of work that need to be done and we need all the help we can get.
If you would like to work with us then please message or email me at;
[email protected]

Our team keeps in contract through skype, you can contact me via skype at;
[email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you.
Regards, Andrew.