Indigo 3.0 Released!

Indigo 3.0, along with exporters for both Blender 2.49 and 2.57, is out!

The new GPU acceleration supports both CUDA and OpenCL.

They have also released a Indigo RT version which sacrifices some features for a huge reduction in price, which is competitive with other GPU renderers out there:

Indigo RT sounds very interesting. Maybe, it’s exactly what many users are looking for …
Comparison, btw. (Except for the IES lighting :-/)

Seems like this release gives another reason why Indigo is the apparent standard for unbiased rendering right now, it has what is arguably the richest feature set among all the engines (at least that’s the impression I get).

Indigo RT looks like a nice entry level product, but it does leave out a major material feature (SSS).

It would seem like a very tempting buy for me if Cycles wasn’t around and Luxrender didn’t have a very promising SPPM implementation under development, but for now I’ll see how far I can get with those free solutions.