Indigo/blendigo tutorial?

Does anyone have the blendigo tutorial?

Tried a few links but they all go to the indigo website, and all those don’t work anymore.

I’m confused on how to work the materials in indigo. My material textures are not showing (such as clouds, noise, etc). Anybody know how to show them?

Thanks for any help

Are you registered on the Indigo site? because it seems that you have to be registered to access the tutorial section.

I have Radiance’s blender / Indigo tutorial on my computer, is it the one you want?

Quote from it:
“Currently only UV mapped textures are supported using the Blender Exporter script.”

any tutorial would be great for me to have :slight_smile:

somehow I can’t get them although I am registered on the website

Here’s a link to a web archive version of the tutorial (it might take a while to load it)

Also check out the tutorial section on the indigo forum, there might be something there that can help :slight_smile:

The Indigo site was hacked a while ago and the tutorials and gallery have not been restored yet.
I would like to think this will happen soon but the admin (OnoSendai) is a little slow to attend to these things. :wink:
Really you would be better to ask your questions at the Indigo site rather than here :smiley: