indigo< hypershot! PLZ HELP!

yes there is a new version of indigo but what happend to the free bit!!
i don’t want to pay that much.
is hypershot better?
is hypershot blender related?

Hypershot is not free nor is it blender related. It is used a lot for product rendering, cars etc and I believe it’s very fast, you can download a free trial on their site. Not sure but I think licenses are pretty expensive.

Indigo is no longer free they are selling x amount of licenses at the moment at a reduced cost, however you can still use up to version 1.18 for free, the blendigo exporter is very good. You can also use the newly released versions for free but with a limitation on the size of your renders.

so, do you import models into hypershot to render them?
can blender export the right format?
hypershot is only £62

hang on, blender can export as .obj but if i were to download the free triel first, which one of these would it be:
plzzz help :o

Have you already considered using Luxrender or Yafaray, they are free and has a great script for blender. and

For a educational license, for a commercial license called HD its x10 more but limited functionality and ‘PRO’ a price tag of ‘Call Us’. :slight_smile:

Looks like you just import your geometry and texture/light/render in hypershot. So that’s a bit crap along with the hiked price.

If your sh-t hot with your modelling, doing pro stuff and getting paid for it, or looking to get into that area of expertise or know companies you’d like to work for who use it, then maybe it’s worth investing time with the Edu license.

Otherwise if it’s just Indigo price tag you don’t like then you are p-ssing in the wind. :slight_smile: