Indigo Public Restroom

Greetings blenderheads,

I suffer from Indigo feaver, so this is my contribution to a promo contest dedicated to the 0.6 release of said software.
Rendered with Indigo, modeled in Blender. Little post-pro with Gimp. Rendertime was about 5h I think. Still a little grainy around the floor, but one has to let go sometime, right? :slight_smile:

wire view:

Although I won’t rerender it I’d still like to hear C&C. :slight_smile:


that’s looking damn good 5 *****

Gotta looooove those Indigo renders. Nice!

i agree, very nice render

cleanest public restroom I’ve ever seen… also, you didn’t want to cover the walls with tile? I think that would look a lot better than just having them behind the mirror.

did you put lights in the scene, or did you just use emitting planes?


Neither, they are so called mesh emitters, 4 large ones on the ceilling, a small one over the mirror.

Thanks, I’ll take the tiles thing into consideration. About the dirt… my next interiour scene will definatly be a very dirty one. :wink:


Nice clean work. **** stars, because it’s great, but way too much grain. This is the sort of image that would look best if it’s crystal clear. The glow hurts nothing though.

Also, you’re making me wonder if I should switch to Indigo. :smiley:

Still a little grainy around the floor

Beautiful, but I’m sorry to inform you that the grain is all over the image. If Indigo developers & supporters really want to develop a great unbiased render engine, that noise should be their first concern, even more important than Indigo render times at this stage IMO. Four starts nonetheless.

Alvaro, yaf dude.

Looks good in general, just one thing:

Why is the sink red?


Thanks for all the replies. :slight_smile: If you look at a picture all day long which is progressively getting better, you don’t notice grain anymore. I’ll rerender it until it’s sharp. :slight_smile:

The sink is red-ish because it’s copper material.

Excellent image I like it very much but Indigo is still a mystery for me, I’m unable to launch it. :frowning:

… you don’t notice grain anymore

Nope. There is still grain. Noise. Whatever you want to call it. All over the image. I notice that Indigo users tend to overlook this problem. But the problem is there. And it is an important issue. I think that the Indigo developer must solve or reduce this problem first, and that it is a more important issue than the render times at this moment.

Some days ago, there was an Indigo render by Roger which took 50 hours, in which the noise in certain parts was even worse. Just my opinion. Consider it as positive criticism of the Indigo renderer, please.

The outside doesn’t look quite red enough for copper…but the inside really looks like it’s filled with blood! A very Doom-III-esqe bathroom.


Whats with everyone bashing the noise in the indigo renders, I love the way the noise makes the pics look

You can’t say that they should he should be more concerned about the noise than the rendertimes, because of it’s progressive nature… But nice image Skypa… Good luck in the challenge


Don’t get me wrong, I see the noise. What I was trying to say is, that if you look at the same picture every hour, for 5-10 hours, you start getting “noise-blind”. You need someone else to tell you that it’s still not smooth, that’s why I rerender it as we speak.
I should have put it in the focused critique first… well, next time then. :slight_smile:

Indigo comes with a database of refractive index spectra of different kinds of materials (.nk format), so a big copper body like the sink should look like this I guess. Of course I’m no expert and the subjective impression might always differ. :slight_smile:

It looks horribly red inside as it is highly reflective (more reflective than any copper ive ever seen) and is reflecting the other side of the bowl, which is reflecting this side of the bowl, which is reflecting the other side of the bowl (ad nasuem) and so it looks overly red due to each reflection being made slightly redder.

Im fairly sure thats not how reflections work in reality but its whats happening here from what I can see.

than you’ve probably never seen a copper ring… polished copper can be almost mirror-like (actually, some ancient civilizations did use it for mirrors)… However, I’d alter the material alittle. when lab workers test materials to make nk’s they use pure elements… I.E. It’d never be that clean and polished anywhere but in a lab… I don’t remember if you can do this with indigo, but if you can you should add a reflection map… or post pro one in, possibly using blender’s internal to make droplets on it (render keyed out in blender/composite).

great image though… And I totally understand about getting used to the noise and forgetting it… you could use blender’s internal with fresnel and blend textures to make a greyscale map that you could then use in gimp with a gaussian blur to reduce noise…