Indigo Renderer + Blender plugin developer

Hi all!

Glare Technologies is looking to hire new developers to work on our 3D application plugins, to ensure an efficient and production ready workflow for Indigo 4 and beyond. We’re now looking for a new developer to work on our Indigo plugin for Blender (called Blendigo). The plugin is open source and currently hosted on Github here:

You will be responsible for tighter renderer integration, implementing support for new Indigo features into the plugin, as well as fixing bugs and responding to user requests. The plugin is written in Python, and some experience with 3D graphics programming would also be great.

Location: We are based in London, UK, and Berlin, Germany, but remote work is fine as well!

Job Type: This is a part-time job, up to 10 hours a week, with the potential for longer hours in the future. Working hours and number are negotiable and flexible.

Contact us for pay and other details at:

We hope to hear from you soon!

Team Indigo