Indigo site down?

Is it just me or is the indigo sitedown?

It won’t load, and I can’t find it on google :frowning:

Me neither.

Uh oh, thats not good…

same thing here… :frowning:

good, I wasnt the only one…they better get that back up!

I hope they can… I’ve never tried it.

Huh? doesn’t look like a site on the interwho.

So yes, it is down.

one thing left to do…:eek:

PANIC!!!</starts runnig around in circles on the ceiling>

WTF is up with that?
still not up…whats wrong with that…I hope their just editing and that it hasnt crashed…I wonder if anyone knows how to contact the site owners and find out whats up?

Ono said it was hacked or so. You can still visit the Indigo IRC channel.



:frowning: did he say if anything was lost?

As far as i remember he said nothing was lost he just need to clean up the mess.


still not up…kinda odd.

OK… I was a bit worried myself. Then again this isn’t the first time that the Indigo site has been down for a few days.

I e-mailed ono about when the site might be up again so I sould post a message to the community here and got no reply.

it wouldnt seem to be good news being down this long :confused:

perhaps he forgot to pay the bill again or it died seriously in the hack and there is no backup? :eek:

has anyone heard anything?

From the indigo site :

Hi all, the site is down until some fix-up work has been done on it. Work on the site should hopefully be finished in a few days.
Thanks for you patience,
Nicholas Chapman ([email protected])
8 Oct 2008

awww dam, and i wanted to try out the newest version of indigo for my newest creation, gues ill have to use the old one i got liek a year ago and then try to compare the two lol… would be interasting to see what changes they made since i last used it…

I’ve put up a mirror (for Windows users) in case anyone is wanting to download indigo without luck:
Extract this to anywhere on your harddrive (eg. C:/Program Files/)

Run this installer, making sure to enter the directory you installed indigo

Then it should run straight from your scripts window inside Blender. Scripts>Export>Blendigo

And here’s a bonus tutorial pdf and video:


Now… anyone feel like putting up a Linux mirror? :yes:

ok so I have to ask its almost 2 weeks gone by

is the site coming back or not?