Indigo test with weird chairs

This was a quick indigo test (well, the rendering took 50+ hours, but the
rest was quick :p), i did, just to try out the software.

I did a tiny bit of post-pro in GIMP.

It is still kind of noisy, but i just did not want to wait for it any longer.
Please comment, if you want to.



Looks good, I especially like the flooring and the lighting on the wall, it shows off lighting nicely

Also I’ve heard that you can reduce the noise by rendering it at a higher resolution and then reducing the image size :wink:

very beautiful

What CPU did you run that on? I was thinking of building a quad core just for renders. I want to get some render time comparison.

Thanks alot for the comments.
I have tried to scale the image down,
but it didn’t really help.

I can’t remember my CPU, but it’s probably not
one you should invest in.

You should check here