Indirect lighting gone after 'p' in BI ?

Rather new to Blender, is this a bug or did I miss something ?

I’m trying to use indirect lighting in blender internal on recorded physics, but as soon as ‘p’ is entered, either in Blender Render or Blender Game, blend file won’t ever render indirect light again.

I’m using Ubuntu Quantal and Blender 2.65.9 64bits (r54314), and it is easily reproducible with attached blend file : open, render F12 (with indirect red light), hit ‘P’, Escape, render again, indirect light gone !

Also reproducible on glowing_balls found on blendswap.

Should I submit an official bug ?

Thanks for any hint,



ilbug.blend (475 KB)

Cannot reproduce the problem with blender 2.65a but can in 2.66 testbuild1. If I then create a new emitting material it works ok again but not when a re-apply the original material.

Report the bug

Thanks for confirming. Bug 34175.

Should now be fixed