Individual Fluid 'flows' to 'fall' onto all sides of a cube.

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to get 6 Fluid instances (not sure of terminology here) to ‘fall’ onto each side of a cube with symmetrical sides (which I made through DupliFace).

Picture of cube.

I’ve been trying to find out how I would create gravity at the center of the cube that would be so the liquid would ‘fall’ towards the cube when placed outside, each point over the center of each face.

I was wondering if anyone could help me figuring this out?

What I would like is for the water/liquid to hit the center of each face and then spread out filling in the gaps of the faces so that the faces would become flush (then I could replace them with a solid object in the animation I plan to make so I could do other things with it).

Top View of what I was thinking.

-While writing this post I may be able to do this with a domain around the cube so as to let the water stay flush, and then I could use inflows with the correct velocities to achieve this affect. I will try this when I get the chance.

Thanks for reading!

In the Scene settings turn off Gravity
In the fluid domain Fluid World settings set the Gravity to zero
Add the individual fluid objects and set to be Inflows. Set their Inflow Velocity speed for each axis so they flow towards the centre object
Set the centre object to be an obstacle
For the Fluid Domain object give it an suitable resolution
Ensure you apply any object scale and rotation for all objects (Ctrl+A)
Make the fluid domain object only just as large as it needs to be

See example blend file (bake the fluid). Adjust the fluid settings such as slip value

Ultimately if you want a perfect fluid fit you’ll have to use lots of fakery, experiment a little


fluid.blend (115 KB)

Thank you very much! I shall try this right away!
I will post my result here if it works!
Thank you!

Hello again! I tried your settings and I have come to a problem. I’m trying to figure out how to get around it, but I am using an irregular domain to make it so the liquid will only take a certain path. Any suggestions to get around this?
Box.blend (1.65 MB)

Now using a regular domain, but I can’t seem to get it work! :frowning:

As shown, the Inflows along the X axis don’t seem to be working?

Also the Fluid doesn’t seem to want to flow ‘into’ the space between the Patterned Box and the Transparent box. I know some of these issues are from the fact there is no gravity in the scene, so I will try playing with the slip values, but I don’t think this will solve it.

I shall attach the blend file again and if anyone has any solutions please tell me! Any help is appreciated!

Box.blend (1.67 MB)

Bump, any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated!